affiliate tracking software best for you

affiliate tracking software best for you

Making money as an affiliate marketer is all about the affiliate link.

I use Clickmagick for my: Tracking, split testing, url rotating.

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It is vital to your business to track your affiliate links.


In this video I go over: affiliate link tracking software Must do.

…Must track affiliate links

…Must a/b split test

…Must URL rotate

Must take charge of you online business.

All you have, is say, one link to make money online…Don’t lose it.

Make sure you use clickmagick to create a custom tracking link:

Must know your number or you will not know whats working from whats not.

I personally love affiliate marketing…WHY?

…Don’t have to create product

…No customer service

…No Product to ship out…Done that!

…My favorite part…Get paid.

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this is Jeff and I will catch you later.

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