Amazon affiliate Take charge of your affiliate links

Amazon affiliate Take charge of your affiliate links

Here is the link to check out Clickmagick: CLICK HERE

Point of affiliate link tracking:

…Know where your clicks are coming from

…Whats working over what is not

…Take charge of your affiliate links


I am a amazon affiliate and Here is what I love about it:

…Promote a ridiculous amount of products

…Get paid on products you use any ways

…Help friends and family and get paid

Something to keep in mind…

You can do so much more with Clickmagick then just track affiliate links.

You can use it to URL rotate…I use this for when I do A/B split testing of landing pages…

You can also use timers and pop-ups.


Try Clickmagick for free…I personally use them and love how much function I get.

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If your looking for information on lead gen check out this page for Ideas

Strategies for Business Lead Generation


This is Jeff with Jeff83freedom and I will catch you later.

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