best url rotator and link tracking

best url rotator and link tracking what I use

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Campaign Structure

When I first started online marketing I got into the whole world of online campaigns…

I bought a course that cost a tun to teach me how to do ad tracking…

So, I started with a free URL rotator through TPM…They worked good

BUT the problem with tpm rotator Their free service comes with ads,


Now when your running a ad that has ads on it that are not yours but your

paying to promote some one else’s product or service…Thats just BAD

SO then I started to get TPM’s URL rotator service [Paid] at the time was like 5 dollars a month.


When your a online marketer and you have your URL rotator and click tracking…MUST HAVE TOOLS…in 2 different place This just sucks then your building a campaign.

So I did some digging and found a URL rotator and link tracking service that cost me less

then I was paying before and under one service…


This is flat out the best bang for your buck when it comes to url rotating and link tracking.

You could get a, “Free URL rotator

I’m just going to be honest those work but

they have ads and when your wanting to actually

building a email list the last thing you want is your

targeted traffic going to your competitors.


I really like clickmagick and they offer a free 14 day trial.

Make each click more profitable.

BIG…BONUS…more then just url rotator and click tracking

Clickmagick has pop up windows, timers…

A lot of fun tool to take charge of your online campaigns.

Here is an image of a online campaign structure

campagn structure

Use Clickmagick for link tracking…

You get way more then just on incredible URL Rotator with Clickmagick…

You get link tracking too.


In the past I used TPM FREE URL rotator, nothing wrong with then I just

like Clickmagick more…


I also used Clickmeter for my click tracking, I here they have a URL Rotator service now.

I like Clickmagick over Clickmeter because:



…More features I like

Best link tracking software Why I consider clickmagick to be the best

  1. Simple
  2. Cost me less then I was spending
  3. Getting more

Make sure you check out clickmagick and try a free 14 day trial

Click HERE

This is Jeff with jeff83feedom have a awesome day

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