competitor keyword analysis tool

Is there a way to check competitors keyword?


Lets go over the pros of what you gain with

Competitor keyword analysis tool…

Just get to what you want:

  1. Competitor keywords
  2. Competitor ad copy
  3. Competitor website back links

Yes there is even a way to get competitors back-links.

A little while ago I got started with a tool to help me with SEO

and I have been blown away with what I’ve been able to do…

I just drop a URL in the search and this tool will dissect…



…Page rankings

I did this to one of my websites and was blown away…

This really puts a perspective to your online business

whether your looking to just get some keywords to help rank your web pages or

Trying to jump into paid advertising and want to see what your competition is doing.

The tool I use is through SemRush


I personally use SemRush and this is what I have been using it for:

  1. Keyword research (From even websites)
  2. Dissecting my own websites to find out (Where my pages are ranking)
  3. Paid ad copy data

I was just using Google keyword planner for my keyword research…

I found this tool to be much lacking Google keyword planner seams

more like it was designed just to help people looking to spend money on adsense…

Makes sense.

But you need a tool that is for you and your online business whether paid or free ranking…

This is where I love my SemRush

Make sure you check out SemRush and get your free trial today CLICK HERE