how to make money on youtube [Made simple]

In this video I really dig into,”make money on youtube.”

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Two ways to get paid on youtube are:

1. ads on youtube videos

2. Direct marketing or affiliate marketing.

Problem with doing just ads is:

***You get paid very little per click

***Have to have a tun of traffic

***Your giving up sales to a bigger commission

Why I do Direct and affiliate marketing.

***Get paid good money

***Residual income

***Don’t need a lot of traffic


Make money off youtube?

Yes it is possible…BUT…you need to do it right.

Do your key word research.

I use Google Keyword planner, its free and very good.

—-Give value—–

If your not focused on actually giving useful, value based info in your video,

I don’t believe you will have good retention in youtube.

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