Make money online BUT actually have a life by jeff83freedom

Make money online BUT actually have a life by jeff83freedom

Hi guys Jeff here…In this video I dig into why I have chase to make money online.

Number 1 problem

…We chase the same dollar to pay the same bill over and over again.


…Get our’ money to work for us

I know it sounds simple BUT we need to pretty much gut our belief system.

What do I mean by this…

If your a 10m wrench…More then likely you were designed for a 10m bolt…YES.

I know this sounds so dumb…BUT…this is our’ life.

To be something different you need to think different

In this video: “Make money online BUT actually have a life by jeff83freedom”

I talk about a concept:

Have a list of 50,000 people that pay you each month 1$ each, for a news letter.

A concept I heard forever ago I believe by Jim Rohn…I saying goes something like this:

You can create a living by providing a service for one OR you can create substantial wealth by providing a service for money.

I really do believe in this concept and hope you get some good insight out of it.

Jeff83freedom is about: Freedom of lifestyle.

So I talk about Making money online a lot there is a very good reason for it.

I am working for a day when I can leave my job and spend more time with my family and my passions.

I love learning new things…Especially ways to make money BUT passive income style.

Now thats Sexy

The concept of my money chasing my bills down while I’m hanging out with family or friend.

This Is what I talk about in the video above about setting up systems that get your money working for you.

I hope this video has been insightful and useful.

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