URL rotator…FREE…no no and NO

Free url rotator why say no

When I first started with online marketing I used a free rotator

service through TPM…

Yes they did work but here is the problem with,”FREE”

My url rotator had ads on it…

So I’m paying for traffic and sending this traffic to url rotator

with ads on it…


Come on as a online marketer you can’t have others ads running when your trying

to capture leads.

So I got their paid service…

Yes it did work BUT

Next problem paying for Click tracking and URL rotating…

SO I did some digging and found a service I use today called clickmagick

check it out bellow

What I love about Clickmagick:

  1. Simple
  2. URL Rotator/Click tracking
  3. Save me time and money

This is why I personally use Clickmagick

Make sure your give ClickMagick a try

with a free trial CLICK HERE

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